Why isn’t it ?

The way JavaScript works is we can do scripts as an inline block:

<script>   let foo = "bar"; </script>

Or, if the script should be fetched from the network…

<script src="/js/global.js"></script>

With CSS, we can do an inline block of styles:

<style>   .foo { color: red; } </style>

So why not <style src=""></style>? Instead, we have <link href="">.

Harry Roberts asked about that the other day on Twitter:

There is lots of speculation in that thread, but Bruce has a pretty clear answer:

I sort of get that. The location in the document matters with src, but not with <link> — that relates to the entire document instead. I guess the crack in that reasoning is that the order of stylesheets does matter for order-specificity, but I take the point.

The W3C chimed to confirm that logic:

There we have it: <style src=""></style> wasn’t even considered.

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