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IndieWeb and Webmentions

The IndieWeb is a thing! They’ve got a conference coming up and everything. The New Yorker is even writing about it:

Proponents of the IndieWeb offer a fairly straightforward analysis of our current social-media crisis. They frame it in terms of a single question: Who owns the servers? The bulk of our online activity takes places on servers owned by a small number of massive companies. Servers cost money to run. If you’re using a company’s servers without paying for the privilege, then that company must be finding other ways to “extract value” from you.

As I understand it, the core concept is running your own website where you are completely in control, as opposed to publishing content you create on a third-party website. It doesn’t say don’t use third-party websites. It just says syndicate there if you want to, but make your own website the canonical source.

Don’t tweet, but instead write a short blog post and auto-post it to Twitter. Don’t blog on Medium, but instead write on your own blog and plop it over to Medium. Like that. In that way, you’re getting the value of those services without giving anything up.