How To Make Money Writing Easy, 350-500 Word Web Articles

If you can read and write, you can easily start making money — every day — as a freelance writer from the comfort of your home. And, I’ll prove it to you.

Your age doesn’t matter, your educational background doesn’t matter, your experience doesn’t matter . . . I know, because students, stay-at-home moms and laid-off workers have told me how well the plan discussed here worked for them. Read their heartfelt testimonials below.


From the Desk of Freelance Writer Yuwanda Black

Are you looking for work right now? Do you want an easy way to make money from home that is real — no bull, no fluff, just the facts, please? Then do I have a real career opportunity for you! Read on for how and why.

Everything You Read Here is From My Own Personal Experience — Backed Up by Testimonials from Others

I’m not guessing, I’m giving you actual facts — and others have had the same results. I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993 (read more on my background below) — and I’ve never made such easy money as this type of writing. Hold on to your seat because if you’ve always wanted to work as a freelance writer, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. The more you read, the more excited you’ll be to start.


What if I told you that you could easily start making money your first week as a freelance writer. You probably wouldn’t believe me, and I wouldn’t blame you. But, unlike other types of freelance writing which tends to be very competitive, this type of writing has several things going for it that makes it so popular and easy to get.

Finally, A Real Way to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

What is this type of writing? SEO article writing. And, I’ve been doing it since the fall of 2007. Within a couple of months, I was so busy, I started outsourcing to other freelance writers (and still do). This turned out to be a blessing because it was like making passive income. I get the work, outsource it, invoice the client, and still make a profit. And others who’ve followed my step-by-step instructions are doing so too!

You’ve Probably Already Seen Jobs Ads for This Type of Writing But Didn’t Realize It Paid So Well

What is SEO content writing? Have you seen job ads that read something like:

Sample Job Ad: I am looking for a talented individual that can generate between 10 and 20 articles per day that meet the listed requirements. Articles should be at least 450 words; or

Sample Job Ad: Need a freelancer who can write three 500 words articles everyday. Writer should be proficient with U..S English; articles will cover different topics. We’ll provide keywords and topic; or

Sample Job Ad: Need articles for a fashion blog. Five 350-400 word posts a week. You can write on any topic you want as long as the keyword phrases we provide are included; or

Sample Job Ad: Do you know babies? Need weekly articles for new mom website. Each article should be 400-500 words. Sometimes we’ll provide the topic; other times you’ll be free to write what you want. Looking for one freelancer we can work with on an ongoing basis.

These are all SEO article writing jobs (these days known as simpley “SEO writing jobs”). The articles tend to be short, sweet and easy to write. And, you can charge $50 per article or more for simple blog posts. When I first started in 2007, I charged $25. Now the demand has exploded for this type of writing — and rates have gone up.

More about pricing later. Imagine writing 5-10 of these a day? I’ve written as many as 22– yes, 22 in one day. I was dog tired (and don’t recommend it), but it was worth it.

I don’t blame you if you don’t believe me — yet. I couldn’t either when I first started writing SEO content. But, read on for more. You’ll soon start to understand why it IS just that simple.

Now, let me explain why SEO wriitng is so popular, and can be relatively easy to get.

What is SEO Content Writing?

First, SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO content (aka SEO articles, SEO web copy, SEO writing, SEO content) is copy that is written specifically to drive traffic to a website and/or blog. This is accomplished using “keyword phrases” (explained below). Following is an example for illustrative purposes.

SEO Article Example

Pretend that you wanted to have an old oil painting restored. To find an art restorer, you would probably go to the internet and type in phrases like “art restorer”, “art restoration”, and/or “restoration of art”. These are keyword phrases.

If you were the owner of this type of business, you would write or hire an SEO article writer to write articles with these keyword phrases. When I first started, SEO articles tended to be short — 300-500 words. Nowadays, longer content is more the norm; with 750 to 1,000 words being standard, and articles of 1,000 to 2,000+/words — classified as long-form content — which pays more. And FYI, this is why SEO writing rates have inceased.

In order to get an article found, you would insert relevant keywords to help search engines find it when a web surfer typed in what they were looking for. FYI, when a web surfer types in a phrase (eg, “Cheap womens running shoes”), that’s what’s known as a keyword phrase.

Using keyword phrases strategically is what gets an article ranked well so that search engines (eg, Google) can return it high in search results.

Remember, surfers use keyword phrases to find products and services online. Hence, website owners want articles on their site with keyword phrases particular to their industry. If a website owner has a site full of good SEO articles, web surfers will be more likely to find their site online — and order from them.


Websites and blogs need a lot of SEO content (ie, articles and blog posts) because each article or post only uses one or two keyword phrases — at the most. But, as web surfers use different keyword phrases to search, they need lots of different articles with lots of different keyword phrases.

This means continuous work for SEO article writers. Proof?

Internet Marketing: The Explosion of Online Advertising

Professional SEO copywriters (aka article writers, web content providers, etc.) will be in great demand for years to come, if the following is anything to go by:

CloudPeeps, a talent marketplace that matches businesses with the world’s top freelance talent, analyzed hundreds of jobs to determine the most in-demand freelance skills of 2016 [going into 2017]. What they found was that content production and marketing were in high demand, with over 1,000 Peeps identifying content as a specialty. Some companies posted jobs seeking content strategy or content marketing. Others were looking for bloggers or writers. But they were all seeking the same skills: writing and distribution. [Source: — The top 10 most in-demand freelance skills in 2016]89% of B2B marketers use content marketing. Of the 11% who are non-users, 52% say they plan to launch a content marketing effort within 12 months. [Source: — “B2B Content Marketing: 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America” report]

A new report compiled by FIPP — the Worldwide Magazine Media Association (originally the International Federation of Periodical Publishers) — shows that total internet ad spend could overtake traditional television ad spend on a global level by as early as 2017.

Global advertising revenues have grown by an average 5 per cent year-on-year since the start of the recovery from the world financial crisis in 2010. Total global ad spend is now tipped to reach $700bn by 2019 with digital, and in particular mobile, fueling much of that growth. [Source: Mobile Marketing magazine, Internet Ad Spend to Overtake TV Globally by 2017], a leader in online advertising trends, states the following in the press release New Forecast Shows Display on Trajectory to Overtake Search]:

“The internet has become as fundamental as television to advertisers . . . As consumers continue to increase their time spent online and as the resurgent economy continues to bolster ad budgets, we’re going to continue to see an influx of dollars toward the internet. More ad formats, such as video, and more channels, especially social media and mobile, are also key contributors to the spending gains.”

With this kind of money pouring into online advertising, internet marketers are going to rely on SEO copywriters who really understand the intricacies of writing for the web (eg, seo articles). A relatively new niche, it is a rapidly expanding, well-paying profession.

Why SEO Writing Can Be Less Competitive Than Other Freelance Writing Niches

Many freelance writers don’t understand how to write SEO content, and they’re not taking the time to learn. Hence, you’ll have much less competition than other types of freelance writing.

If you understand how to write for the medium, have good writing samples, are competitively priced, and market consistently (this is key), I practically guarantee that you will get work.

Let other freelancers battle it out for jobs in other niches. You focus on lucrative niches like providing killer SEO content. If you do — you’ll start landing jobs almost as soon as you start marketing. I did! And others who’ve followed my plan have as well, as their testimonials below prove.


On a typical day, here is what my inbox looks like:



I need some more easy breezy articles for the following keywords [keyword phrases].

Art supplies in detroit
Art supplies store
canvas art supplies
opaque projectors
acrylic paint set
air brush
art supplies for children



Here is the keyword list for client #2, all easy breezy posts for link building purposes.

Keywords for Client #2:

New York plumbers
NY plumbers
plumbers in New York
New York plumber
plumbing repair New York
NY plumbing
NY plumber
Plumbers in NY
plumbers in New York
Plumbing jobs in New York
New York air conditioning
New York heating
New York electric
New York air conditioning
New York heating
New York electric companies


Hi Yuwanda,

Can you please send me an article on Debt Management? This will be for [client website listed]. This article will go on their website. Let me know if you have any questions.

Note: “Debt management” is the keyword phrase.

Practically a Week’s Worth of Work — In One Day!

These are actual job orders that came in within a 24-hour period. And, it’s very typical of a day in the life of a busy SEO article writer who follows my plan. In this profession — with the techniques I share with you — you tend to get extremely busy in a relatively short period of time.

And, these are just emails from two clients! (In the examples listed, one client sent in a double order). FYI, this will happen a lot with clients — they’ll usually place multiple orders in any given week.


When I first started, I charged $25 per article? I now charge $150+ per article. I have fewer clients than when I first started, but my earnings have increased because the demand for this type of work is high, and now companies realize they MUST invest in content marketing to keep pace with the competition. So there’s less haggling about price. Nowadays, it’s about proving your copy can produce results.

Imagine having 5 or 10 clients — a client load many online writers carry. You’ll soon be outsourcing work to other freelance writers — which is what I do now.


In this ebook, I detail how I went from 0 clients to 4 paid projects in less than one week writing SEO articles. FYI, these articles take me 20-45 minutes to write. I usually write 5-7 a day (by choice; I outsource to a team of writers I have under me now).

And, I’m not the only one who has experienced this kind of success. Below are actual testimonials of others who have experienced the same kind of results when they read this ebook and implemented the plan I outline. And, they’ve done it in the same amount of time it took me. One is a college student who landed 4 clients just a few days after buying the ebook — and went on to quit his job waiting tables soon thereafter.

If you want to start making money from home as a freelance SEO writer — pretty easily — this ebook is for you.

FYI, while I was writing this page, I clicked over to refresh my inbox and the client I landed during my first week of marketing had just sent me 10 more articles — which I completed in less than 5 hours. This is from one client. At the time, I had three more clients in the pipeline who wanted me to start on projects.

As you can see, SEO writing is very lucrative — and it’s relatively easy to get — if you know how to market for it. In this ebook, I detail exactly how I get clients and why, after being a freelance writer since 1993, it is now my most lucrative niche.

Why the SEO Writing Field is Wide Open!

SEO writing is a new type of writing — and it’s going to be hot for a long time to come. Getting your foot in the door with clients is easy, and will guarantee a way to work from home for a long time to come. Why/how?

Because once clients use you, they’ll rarely jump ship to another writer. As long as you continue to turn in quality work at a rate they can afford, you’ll soon find yourself with more work than you can handle. In fact, when I was researching this field, I found that many SEO writers stopped accepting new clients because they couldn’t handle the workload from existing clients; many outsource the work they get from clients.


Marketing Letter: I’ll send you the exact marketing letter I sent out that garnered me a 25% response rate.

Website: I’ll tell you exactly what to put on your web page to make it bring in new clients 24/7.

Create a Niche: I’ll tell you exactly how to sell yourself to clients via niche marketing.

Writing Samples: Don’t have any? It’s okay. I’ll tell you exactly what to do to get around this — bringing in as much work as someone who has tons of samples.

How to Market for Clients: I’ll reveal to you the exact methods I use to find clients. It’s free, quick and easy.

Writing the Articles: I’ll tell you exactly how to actually write SEO articles. And, I’ll give you the tricks I use to turn them out on subjects I don’t even know about in 30-45 minutes.

Interacting with Clients: I’ll tell you exactly what to expect when a client contacts you, how to be knowledgeable (even though you’re just starting out), and how to give them what they want so they use you over and over again.

And More! I’ll also go over billing, what to charge, how to charge, tools you’ll need to get started (if you have a computer, you’re practically there already) and much more.

I’ll also show you actual correspondence from clients sent in response to the marketing queries I sent out — and how I responded to them. You’ll have all the tools you need to start making money as an SEO copywriter almost immediately.


TESTIMONIAL: College Student Who Lands 4 SEO Clients in 2 Days

SEO Work Success!!! (Title of the email)

Hi Yuwanda,

I just wanted to share with you my story, briefly. I am currently a 5th year senior in college, and I’ve been running a (failing) copywriting business for the last year, trying to get work from local businesses in the area. I stumbled across your website last week and bought your eBook because it seemed interesting (and was only 10 bucks*). After reading it, I decided to give SEO writing a try.

*This was the introductory price of the ebook.

This afternoon (Monday), I sent out 24 emails to companies requesting work after setting up an SEO page on my website [he listed his website]. Within an HOUR, I had one email requesting samples, and a phone call requesting my services! Within twelve hours, I had FOUR companies asking me to write for them!!! (emphasis added) I’m officially a writer now!

And, because I serve tables for a living, replacing my income won’t be that hard! By the end of this week, I should know whether or not I can go freelance FULL TIME! (emphasis added) And I just wanted to send you an emphatic “thank you” for providing me the blueprint for this. The guy that called me today said I was “in the right profession” right now. I have a profession! And I don’t graduate for another month!

I am terribly thankful that this is working, and I can?t wait to see what other work I can dig up this week. Thank you so much for providing direction for my freelance writing! If there’s any way I can repay you, let me know!


TESTIMONIAL: Easily Getting Her Asking Rate with No Prior SEO Article Writing Experience

Hi Yuwanda,

I received the following response to one of my marketing emails from an SEO company. I thought I was pretty bargain basement at $20 when I have no experience. I’ve been marketing for a couple of weeks, and I’ve already gotten a couple of clients so far (emphasis added) so I’m not willing to work for these rates; I don’t think I need to. But I’m wondering how I should respond to him at this point? Could he be just testing to see if I’ll bite?

Thanks BL

NOTE: Remember, the exact marketing email I send out is included in the ebook. I consistently get between a 15-25% response rate to my email campaigns, which is HUGE if you know anything about marketing. The industry-accepted response ranges between 1-3% for most email campaigns.

TESTIMONIAL: SEO Article Writer Who Was Already Making Money but Wanted to Know How to Land More Lucrative Clients

I received this email from a freelance SEO writer who was already working fulltime as an SEO writer. She’d started doing SEO writing before I did. But, she wanted to land better-paying clients. Here’s what she had to say:

Hi Yuwanda:

I just wanted to quickly let you know that I bought your SEO writing ebook and was completely blown away with how well it was presented!

I had thought about buying it was $9.95 [this was the introductory price] but procrastinated. To be honest, when the price went up to $39.95 [now $49.95], I decided it was just too much for me to pay. See, most ebooks I’ve purchased give a generic outline of what to do, and I didn’t want to pay for that kind of advice again.

But I needed help getting more good paying clients. I lucked upon the clients I have now – they pay well, provide steady work and refer me from time to time. But I want a nice variety of well paying clients. This is where I have been stuck. I’ve been sooo busy lately, I haven’t been able to read your book. Saturday I spent the afternoon in the [emergency room] because my daughter was sick, so I printed your ebook and took it with me knowing I’d be there for a while.

The book is so detailed! It is extremely clear. [emphasis added] I thought I knew more about SEO writing than I actually did! I can’t wait to start my marketing campaign next week. If I get just one client with your book, it was more than worth the investment!


TESTIMONIAL: Freelance Writer New to SEO Writing Who Not Only Easily Landed Clients, but Got More Per Article than He Asked For!

I am living proof that if you follow Yuwanda’s ebook step by step, your only problem will be fulfilling your orders.

Just today, I got this email:

“Hi Robert,

I reviewed your work and I am interested in your services. We have a need for several articles (500-700 words) for what you are describing. What are the next steps?”

I was like “what???” They didn’t even question my rates or anything! It’s almost too good to be true and in fact, Yuwanda, I owe you a cup of coffee or beer or whatever it is you drink for fun! LOL!!

This freelancer sent me another email that said the following:

I followed your ebook and did everything that you recommended and I cannot believe how good it worked!! It’s insane!! Let me post an email I got just last week:

“Thank you for contacting us. I have a particular format of articles we want. If you can do them I can offer you $40 per article. Otherwise we get seo articles for $10. We need articles in this format to use our program. We currently have an article writer and we are always looking for talented SEO influenced writers. If you want we can try $200 worth of articles aka 5 articles. Let me know.

This after submitting my rate of $35/article!!!!!

Thank you Yuwanda!

TESTIMONIAL: Experienced Journalist and Freelance Writer from Spain Who Learned How to Make Some Real Money as an SEO Article Writer

Hi Yuwanda,

I felt I had to get back to you to tell you about my progress so far.

I bought your ebook last week and read it thoroughly. It inspired me, so I decided to follow your plan and see what would happen. I’ve been writing articles for years and I have always felt that I am worth a lot more than I have been getting. I don’t mean to brag, but I can write pretty good, and $5 an article – if you can get that much these days – is simply an insult!


I spent a bit of time concentrating on getting all the parts of your strategy right. I already had a website for my writing, so I decided to spruce it up a bit and make it more focussed [sic] on SEO article writing.

I chose some articles I’d already written and re-wrote them in a more SEO-friendly manner and put them on the website as samples. I spent some time getting the details on companies [like you detail in your ebook] and made up a spreadsheet. Everything was ready this morning (I had other work to do in between too), so I started sending out my query letter.

After about 20 minutes, I had a Skype call from one of the companies asking for articles. It seems he was sitting at his desk wondering who could do a batch of articles for him that a client needed. His usual contact was already overworked and he wasn’t sure how to find another one (he told me this later). When my email arrived, it was exactly what he needed. He made contact, we discussed it and that was that!

The bit that amazed me was when he asked for my rates. I told him I was charging $25 an article (yes, I copied your strategy exactly 🙂 and he didn’t even balk one little bit. [emphasis added] His actual words were, “Yep, that sounds spot on.” I knew at that moment I could probably have asked for $35 or even $45 an article and have gotten it too!

Anyway, I now have 32 articles to do at $22 each as they are 350-word articles and I was quoting for 500-word articles. I didn’t drop the price much as there is some more research than usual involved, but nothing too hard. The price was in British pounds as the SEO company is in London . It came to 384 GB pounds, so he rounded it up to 400 GB pounds – somewhere around $735 – which I thought was a nice gesture. I should be able to complete them in a few days (I could get used to this!)

I had been worrying that my being in Spain might prove to be a problem, for while I clearly state that my first language is English, the only thing that clients seem to see is the word, “Spain” and they assume that I am Spanish! Luckily, this didn’t prove to be a problem.

This [marketing method outlined in your ebook] works! I fully expect to get a lot of other work too, and I’ll certainly keep trying. Thanks again for opening my eyes to what is possible in freelancing. Your ebook is worth a lot more than what you sell it for – believe me! In fact, don’t sell any more – I don’t want the competition 🙂

Kind regards,
John C., Spain

TESTIMONIAL: Current SEO Writer on the Hunt for More Lucrative-Paying Clients

She wrote:

I wanted to let you know that your SEO book is really helping me get new clients. I will send you a more detailed account of my experience in the next couple of weeks.

In a separate email, she wrote:

I have a lot of projects scheduled for September. Of those one is with a new client and I am negotiating projects with three others – all because of your book. [emphasis added] I will definitely be sending you a testimonial as soon as I can stop and catch my breath. :),

Kimberly B., Georgia

TESTIMONIAL: New Mom Suddenly Laid Off from Her Job Lands Client Almost Immediately

Title of Email: You’re a Genius…I got my first client but I still need your help

Hi Yuwanda!

My name is Katrina. Here’s the scoop:

I got your SEO book and “read it like a ravaged dog” like one of your [other] readers said. I set up my website … I studied SEO until I couldn’t anymore. My first sample is number 1 on google for my keywords. I sent out query emails just as you described and… BANG! I got a response from a web design company.

I’m almost ready to be on your list of success stories except, they’re asking me to do something I don’t know how to price. I think he’s trying to ask me to rewrite entire pages of two websites but I’m not quite sure. I was only prepared for single articles. Here’s a copy of the email he sent me. Can you help? My rate for original SEO articles is $25.

Hi Katrina…thanks for sending your info.

We are actually in the process of doing some upgrades and SEO work for our website and I wanted to see if you would be interested in doing a bit of freelance.

We are looking to create 2 (two) additional versions of the website content at [website name was provided] – basically a rewrite of the same material but with a couple different voices.

I realize that this is not exactly in your area of specialization, but thought we might get a fresh take on some of our copy as we relaunch our website.

Please let me know if you’re interested and perhaps a rough price estimate for this project.

How in the world do I price this? Please help!!! Thank you so much!!

NOTE: Upon receiving this email from Katrina, I emailed her back and asked her to call me. I walked her through what to say to the client. Actually, this is a good problem to have because they’re asking her to do much more than what she queried them about. During our conversation, she told me that she was a new mom and that the day before she was to return to work from maternity leave, her boss called to let her know that she was being laid off. She was excited about this ebook she said because it was the start of a whole new career for her — one that allowed her to be home with her child.

TESTIMONIAL: Single Mom Striving to Work from Home

Hi Yuwanda,

I’ve been . . . soaking up as much information as I can from the SEO Article Writing ebook. I launched my own freelance writing service at the beginning of this month and have two new clients. I now know I will be a successful and profitable freelance writer . . .

I am working fulltime as a technical writer/documentation specialist but I want to work from home and be there for my two kids (single mom here). Thank you for your wonderful service and for helping people like me who want to break out of the corporate jungle.

All the best!


TESTIMONIAL: Former Newspaper Writer Finds Success as an SEO Writer

She wrote:

I purchased your SEO e-book a week ago. . . . I vould kick myself for not buying your SEO book earlier. But I was skeptical. There are so many ebooks out there that are crap. I kind of stumbled into SEO blogging a few years ago by luck. And I couldn’t figure out how anyone would pay me more than a few bucks for SEO articles that are always advertised on elance and odesk.

So far, I’ve gotten work from an SEO company in Norcross, Georgia. I’ve got two additional prospects, one of which is a local SEO company that needs a lot of work.

[To start from the beginning] . . . The economy has affected my writing and editing business — drastically. And I’ve been searching ways to get more clients. After doing some content projects for a couple of social networking sites, I decided to focus more on social media and SEO writing as a part of that.

I remember reading one of your posts, or maybe it was an article, where you mentioned how your accountant asked what you could do to make money today. Well, that’s where I’m at right now. I’m hungry for work And SEO work seemed like one of the quickest — and easiest ways for me to pick up work and get new clients.

Your book is useful because it shows you step-by-step how to make money; it wasn’t some pie in the sky concept, but clear, concrete steps that I could follow. And the query email you included in the ebook is priceless! [Emphasis added]. Everything else is gravy. It was also realistic. You weren’t telling me that I would make $1,000 in a few hours, but a couple hundred of bucks a day. I could get my arms around that. And it’s realistic. I’m used to the tricks copywriters use with ebooks to play to emotions, and I saw none of that with your stuff.

Your book showed me how to market my services. That was a big hump for me. I’ve owned my writing and editing busines for nearly three years. And I’ve done SEO blogging for more than two years. But I kept seeing SEO article writers charging only a few dollars for their work.

Writing is my passion, but figuring out how to get others to pay for top dollar for it has been a struggle. I’m a former journalist, but nothing about my newspaper career ever prepared me for running my own business.

I wasn’t sure if this whole SEO article thing was really viable until your ebook. I’d heard of copywriters charging $100 an article, but these are copywriters who easily command $10,000 for a sales letter; that’s not me — yet!

But I figured you were on to something and so I read your blogs, articles and your website. (Plus, I think I’d already heard of you some years ago because I used to get emails from Inkwell Editorial.)

I was discouraged, though. I completed a rather low-paying SEO article project with lot of keywords over the summer. When I broke it down hourly, I was making less than minimum wage. What amazed me was the client said they had people making at least $1,000 a month. I figured they must be chained to their computers and writing at least 20 hours a day!

I knew I had to cut out the middleman, but I was having a hard time figuring out how. Your book showed me, and I’m sure I’ll buy some of your other books. You have a gift of writing to show others how to do something. As far as the basics went, your books didn’t leave me with any questions.

I’m still marketing and I’ve had some luck. The low-payers are still out there. An SEO guy from Atlanta contacted me yesterday about meta tag writing — I had to turn it down because it involved Dreamweaver and Front page and I’m not an expert. This guy outsources from India, so I think he was blown away at my rates.

Take care,
Tenisha, GA

As you can see, a wide variety of those with a burning desire to work from home have launched successful SEO writing careers. You can too!


SEO article writing is a real, work-from-home, freelance writing opportunity that anyone can achieve. All you need is a step-by-step blueprint — which I provide. Countless others have followed my method and achieved the same success — some have achieved even more success than I have!

Remember, I outline the exact methods I use to get and keep business flowing in. From college students to long-time freelancers, if you can read and write, have access to the internet and a burning desire to make some real money as a freelance writer, this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

The system I explain is so easy, a 12-year old can do it. You can literally have your first assignment within a few hours — as the college student above did (remember, he had 4 companies want him to write for them in 12 hours!). How’s that for starting a freelance writing career from home — fast!

Within a few weeks you can leave your JOB behind and never have to worry about what the economy is doing again. How much you make depends on how many hours per day you want to work. When I first started, I was putting in 12, 14 and even 16-hour days because I sent out a lot of marketing emails — never dreaming that I’d get the response I did. In all my years of freelancing — remember, I’ve been at this since 1993 — I’d never landed freelance writing gigs so easily.

You get the exact, proven methods I use. And, it’s as simple as pie to follow.


There is great variety in SEO writing. However, most will fall in the following two categories.

Writing articles for websites: This will be the bulk of the work you will get. I’ve written articles on everything from bridal wear to weight loss to art appraisals. Most are 600 to 1,000 words or so, and can take anywhere from as an hour to a few hours to write.

The more experience you get as a SEO writer, the faster you will be able to complete an article. This means you earn even more money. Even doing two more articles per day can replace that you’d make at many part-time jobs. Who wouldn’t appreciate that. No need to spend money on gas, being tired fighting traffic, etc. You can work from home and earn as much — or more — as a part-time SEO article writer. Who wouldn’t prefer that?

Writing articles for blogs/social media accounts: These can be anywhere from 200 to 500 or 600 words. Some you can bang out in a half hour or less– if you’re familiar with the subject matter. Others make take an hour or more. I’ve done as many as nine short ones in less than 2 hours. Even though shorter content invariably pays less than longer articles, you can churn them out relatively quickly once you get more experience, and earn as much or more per hour than writing longer pieces.

These days more than ever, clients REQUIRE content to be produced by writers who understand SEO — and they have ONGOING needs. Following are some examples of this.


Looking for writers for a health niche based blog. Topics will range from a variety of health care fields. Articles should be in layman’s terms & easy to read, yet factual & valuable. The right candidates will have opportunity for recurring work.

I am a business/marketing consultant with multiple e-commerce clients. I am looking specifically for a writer to help with product pages. If it goes well I have plenty of work across multiple clients.

We are looking for talented writers who are ready to research and write 5 to 10 articles a week for our site. This is a great opportunity to write for a leading entertainment site, in the top 50 of all Internet websites in the United States.

These are all web writing jobs where companies are literally clamoring for qualified help.


If you know how to surf the web and find information, blog posts and SEO articles are easy to write. If you set your prices right, you can make a very nice living working less hours than you do at a normal, 9-5 job. With SEO writing, you in essence get to have a life — and a career that’s not draining.

Sound to good to be true? In the ebook, there is an in-depth case study of a freelancer who had been trying to start a freelance writing career for years. Within a week, she had landed her first client — and within a month she was turning down work because her business was growing too fast.

I dubbed this freelancer “SEO Mary,” because she let us follow her from the time she started marketing to the time she landed her first client — and several more beyond that. It’s a five-part series that will have you learning — and laughing — at the same time. SEO Mary has a special needs child at home, a day job she’s thinking about leaving and a husband who works a seasonal job. If she can do it, you can too.

You Simply Can’t Beat First-hand Advice from an Experienced Publishing Professional!

About the Author: As previously stated here, I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993. But, it gets even better. I’ve been on both sides of the hiring desk. I have interviewed and hired hundreds of freelance writers.

I owned an editorial staffing agency in New York City from 1996-2004. I recruited writers, copy editors, editors, proofreaders and a host of other editorial talent for such noted companies as McGraw-Hill, Pearson Publishing, Random House and Deutsche Bank, to name a few. So, I know the industry — inside and out.

I started my career in publishing in New York in 1987, working for a large legal publishing firm for 10 years. I have written a few thousand articles on freelance writing, in addition to producing a web seminar and a popular Chicago-style copyediting course, attended by Fortune 500 executives and junior execs alike. I also developed and taught a web development and marketing course at Borough of Manhattan Community College.

A serial entrepreneur, I have been featured in magazines, newspapers and online outlets nationwide, among them: Entrepreneur’s small business magazine, Be Your Own Boss. I have also been a self-syndicated small business columnist and a freelance writing/entrepreneurial advisor. I hold an AA in English; a BA in Sociology; and took courses towards an MA in Criminal Justice (John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NYC).

In short, when it comes to publishing and freelance writing, I have a vast background of experience. I pull upon all of this knowledge in this ebook — giving you marketing advice and inside tips on how to land freelance writing jobs you won’t find any place else.

If you really want to make money from home as a freelance writer, this is the only ebook that will tell you how to do it — in a “hot” niche — where the competition is practically nonexistant. You won’t struggle as a freelance writer. This ebook teaches you how to start bringing in clients in days — literally! Order today to start working from home — in a career you love.


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How to Make Money Writing Simple, 500-Word Articles is backed by a 60-day, money-back guarantee. Get it, read it and implement the easy steps.

You’ll see how quickly you can be working from home — in a high-paying career that pays all of your bills. You won’t have to worry about high gas prices, being laid off, what the economy is doing, how you’re going to pay your bills, etc. … Your financial future will finally be in your control.

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BONUS #1! Freelance Writing Jobs Report: The Freelance Writing Jobs Report is an in-depth look at the hottest niches to target for freelance writing success in the next few years. It’ll tell you which markets to target, why and how to pitch to them to give you work.

The report even gives you ideas on how to go about creating your own information products and websites to make money online. This helps you make passive income — in addition to your income as an SEO writer! Imagine making passive income, in addition to your freelance writing income. I do — and you can too! This report tells you how you can too.

BONUS #2! Free Shoestring Marketing Ebook: The Small Biz Owner’s Complete Marketing Kit! discusses 8 free and low-cost marketing methods I’ve used for years to sell thousands of dollars worth of ebooks, articles and other freelance writing services.

It’ll tell you which marketing methods are most effective, which are cheapest, how to put togehter an effective marketing plan and so much more. Knowing how to marketing effectively is the key to success in any business. AND, that’s why I included this ebook for free. See details on this highly effective marketing ebook below.

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P.S.: Leave Your Day Job Behind Forever. With the step-by-step marketing strategy outlined in this ebook, you’ll never have to look for a job again. The only problem you’ll have, as one of the testimonials says, is filling your freelance writing orders.

P.P.S.: Assignments Can Flow in Quickly! I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993 and nothing prepared me for the quickness with which SEO writing projects flowed in. And, you don’t need any experience to get started. The field has exploded since I started in 2007. Businesses are allocating significant parts of their budget to “content marketing”, and are in desperate need of freelance writers who understand what this type of technical writing is all about — and they’re willing to pay for it.

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Free Ebook! You get The Small Biz Owner’s Complete Marketing Kit! absolutely free with your purchase.

About the Small Biz Owner’s Complete Marketing Kit!

Would you like to increase sales and generate leads — today? No matter what type of product/service you offer, you must market to be a success. Consistent marketing is the key to increasing sales and this e-book will put you two to three years ahead of the competition in marketing your business. Read on for how and why.

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.~Epictetus, Greek Philosopher

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business simply because people have to know you exist before they buy from you.

The marketing methods discussed are specifically for small business owners who want to learn how to create sustained growth and generate steady sales on a shoe-string budget. All of the methods are proven and don’t require massive amounts of time.


If you are serious about succeeding at entrepreneurship in any form, then you must embrace marketing. Most small business owners have a great product/service, a lot of ambition and plenty of knowledge about servicing their customers. But, they have little or no knowledge of marketing.


What is it? It’s a process whereby you do the same thing on a consistent basis over a period of time. This system will lessen your workload, increase your sales, generate new leads and save you money. Instead of putting together the dreaded “marketing campaign” on major holidays or for special events, you will be marketing all year long.

The best thing about marketing success by the numbers is that it gives you a workable plan to stay on solid footing. That way, you don’t have to market in panic mode, eg, “If this campaign doesn’t work, then I might have to close shop.”

When you start marketing on a consistent basis, you are constantly drawing new customers into your fold. So, the ups and downs of the economy will have less of an effect on your business.


What’s the difference? Advertising usually refers to paid ads, spots, campaigns, etc. Marketing is all of the ways you get the word out about your business — paid or unpaid. Handing out flyers is marketing. Placing a classified ad in the newspaper is advertising.

Marketing success by the numbers includes paid and unpaid advertising. But, the paid methods are low-cost and you will be able to implement them immediately. All of the marketing ideas discussed are either free or cost less than $200. Some are $10/month.

Most small businesses market out of a sense of hopeful desperation, ie, sales are slow, so let’s “advertise.” You put all of your eggs in one basket and it almost never works out the way you hope. This, “shotgun marketing” — rarely, if ever, works. You need a consistent plan.


Which would you rather do: send out 1,000 emails at once, or send out 10 a day, every day? Consistency and time are all you need as far as marketing to grow a business. It doesn’t matter what your business is, if you market consistently over a period of time, your business will grow!

Did you know that getting rich is simple? Not easy, simple. The same goes for losing weight, getting into shape, becoming a better, writer, runner, speaker, teacher, etc. Practice and time — that’s all it takes to become a better “whatever.”

The problem most small business owners have is impatience and sheer frustration that the business “was just not working.” Rarely is that the case. The truth is, you probably haven’t prepared for the long haul.

Remember, in business, the first few years, you are usually just greasing the pipes. After that, you shouldn’t have to work so hard for every sale.

Look at it this way, just because you send out 5,000 emails does not mean that customers are going to start banging on your door. Especially when you consider that most buyers have to see your message 7 to 28 times (depending on which source you read) before they will act. It’s called building name [brand] recognition — and equally as important, trust.

After this, you have to wait until your customer has a need/desire for your product or service. Then, you have to be in the right price range.

In essence, you have to wait for all of these factors to align before a sale can take place. Seems like a long time? It’s really not.


If you don’t absorb anything else, remember this: marketing is the life-blood of every business.

That’s why marketing success by the numbers is such a necessary, viable, common-sense approach to marketing. It’s easy, low-cost and practically runs itself.

When you create a schedule, which the book outlines how to do, your marketing goes on auto pilot, leaving you more time to fiddle with why you opened your doors in the first place — to dazzle your customers with your wonderful product/service.

No more stressing about when to do this, how much that will cost, whom to call to get that done, et cetera. You will be able to work this plan yourself, or outsource it to someone else. The bottom line is, you won’t ever have to worry about marketing again.


Think of all the products you are bombarded with on a daily basis. How do you explain purses that have a waiting list of two years to purchase; $1,500 boots that you can’t tell from $50 boots; and sweat suits that cost $400? Brilliant, consistent marketing!


These free reports are chock full of ideas you can use immediately to increase sales.

1. Success by the Numbers: An in-depth look at how to automate your marketing program for maximum effect.

2. How to Surf the Web and Increase Your Profits: Learn effective surfing methods that will put you on the road to profits.

3. The Five Biggest Marketing Mistakes Most Small Business Owners Make: What they are and how to avoid them!

REMEMBER: A sure-fire marketing plan is the best way to grow your business!


Eight free and low-cost, easy-to-implement, marketing ideas. Each is powerful in its own right. Consistently combine two or more and watch your sales rapidly increase! Each idea is discussed in detail. Samples are provided for ready reference so that you will know exactly what is being referred to every step of the way. The three free bonus reports discussed above are also included.

Real-life examples are used. Nothing is more believable or concrete than hearing from someone who has “been there and done that.” If you start out using these methods, you will be well on your way to freelance writing, work-from-home success.


Remember, you can start getting clients and making money almost immediately with the plan outlined in this ebook!

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Order today to get started making money from home as a busy, money-making SEO writer. You can start this new career immediately after finishing the ebook, and for only $49.95.

A Note About The Ebook Files: All files are pdfs. This means you need pdf reading software on your computer to view them (Adobe 6.0 or higher). Most computers automatically have this software installed. If yours doesn’t, you can download it free at Customer Service Email: info*at* (Replace * with @).

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