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I got a chance to be on the Thunder Nerds podcast the other week, on the episode 55 – Down Wit SVG? Yeah You Know Me with Chris Coyier. We got to talk about a variety of things that I work on, including Practical SVG, CodePen, this site, ShopTalk, and upcoming conferences. Speaking of which…

The very next thing I’ll be speaking at is An Event Apart in Seattle on April 3-5, 2017. I’m also doing the A Day Apart workshop, which I gave a tiny sneak peek at the other day.

I’ll be at most of the other An Event Apart shows this year as well: Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Denver.

The AEA gang interviewed me about a bunch of interesting stuff recently, as well.

Other conferences I’ll be at this year include:

And at least two more that I’ll need to wait to mention until they get something online for.

Sarah Drasner also keeps our Guide to 2017 Conferences post up-to-date, if you want to look more broadly at what’s out there.

We’ve shut down the shop here on CSS-Tricks. It’s likely temporary as we kinda revamp the merch in there and freshen things up. No exact plan yet, but of course we’ll let you know when it’s back open again.

Since the new year, Dave and I have been very steadily publishing new episodes of ShopTalk, and we have plenty more lined up. If you’re anything like me, your podcast listening behavior fluctuates and you go in and out of it. If you’re about to go into an “in” phase, might I recommend”

CodePen Radio is also going strong. We’re up to 120 already! I might recommend:

Speaking of CodePen, if you’re a PRO user, you might have already gotten an email about our latest feature, now in BETA. It will be our biggest release ever on CodePen. If you had any sense at all that releases on CodePen were slowing down, you might have been right, because we’ve been so heads-down on this thing for over a year.

That’s not to say there isn’t anything new. We’ve release things like a revamped Autocomplete, new fonts like Fira Code and an updated Monoid, persistent editor layout, improved CORS handling, improved infinite loop detection, and plenty more.

We’ve also started sending another weekly newsletter called The CodePen Spark that is loaded with amazing work from that week. We’re already up through week 15!

CodePen Meetups are also hopping. I’m gearing up to go to one tonight, here in Miami where I have been living the past few months. I also recently got to attend the one in Denver, which was huuuuge. I’ve never been to one I didn’t have a good time and learn something at.

They’ve also been as international as ever! We have plenty in the United States, but There are upcoming meetups in places like:

  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Sylhet, Bangladesh
  • Örebro, Sweden

Bulgaria just had their first! Dublin has had fourteen! If you’d like to host one in your area, you can.

Last but not least, the CSS-Tricks Newsletter gets better all the time. Remember it’s completely hand-written these days to explain all the most interesting stuff that week and much of it is unique to the newsletter.

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