Month: September 2016

Emotionally Complicated Class Names

Things can get a little saucy on Friday’s OK. .side-by-side-unless-anything-whatsoever-out-of-the-ordinary-happens { float: hopefully; } .important-but-not-like-SUPER-important-just-medium-important { background: yellow !probably; } .another-wrapper-and-im-not-even-sorry-about-it { position: relative; } .this-wrapper-i-am-kinda-sorry-about { background:
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I Wanted to Type a Number

Zach Leatherman on the weirdnesses of numeric inputs. A new hero is born: Luckily, the web standards people have recognized this mess and have standardized an appetizing alternative:
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Are icons content?

Edd Morgan writes in: Obviously we all agree that the markup should contain only content, nothing ornamental. But what category do icons fall into? Are they not ornamental,
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